Human Rights Center of the University of Sarajevo

HRCwas founded in December 1996 by the University of Sarajevo with the assistance of a number of international organizations such as: Council of Europe, EU, UNMBiH, Office of the High Representative in BH, World University Service, Raoul Wallenberg Institute, etc.

The goal of HRC Sarajevo is to contribute to the implementation of internationally recognized human rights within the region of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This can be accomplished by informing academics and a wider community, providing necessary literature, lectures, expert advice, research and reports, and by issuing human rights publications. HRC Sarajevo is by nature interdisciplinary and cooperates with similar institutions, non-governmental organizations, state and international bodies that are involved with the issue of human rights. Activities of the HRC Sarajevo focus on both national and international items. The basis for these activities is the international system of human right norms.

HRC Sarajevo is working in line with its educational mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This mission determines the structure of the organization, which is characterized by three main departments:

  • Program Department
  • Library and Documentation Department (LDD)
  • Research and Development Department (RDD)

The main activities of Program and RDD department are:

  • Research in the field of human rights
  • Human rights education and training
  • Monitoring and reporting in the field of human rights