Staff Croatian Memories

Staff – Erasmus Studio

Franciska de Jong is the managing director of the Erasmus Studio since 2007. She has also been a professor of language technology at the University of Twente from 1992 onwards. With a background in theoretical linguistics, she started to work on language technology in 1985 at Philips Research, where she worked on machine translation. From 1996 to 2007, she was associated with TNO (Nederlandse Organisatie voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek). Currently, her main research interest is in the field of multimedia indexing, text mining, semantic access, cross-language retrieval and the disclosure of cultural heritage collections (in particular spoken audio archives). She is frequently involved in international programme committees, expert groups and review panels, and has initiated a number of EU-projects. Currently, she is principal investigator of the NWO-CATCH project CHoral (2006-2010), and the FP7 project PuppyIR (2009-2012). Since 2008, she has been member of the Governing Board of the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO).

Peter van der Maas studied contemporary and theoretical history and international relations and law at the University of Amsterdam. He followed the training course Foreign Relations (Leergang Buitenlandse Betrekkingen) at Clingendael (The Hague) and also studied Computer Science and Knowledge Management at the University of Amsterdam. He took ICT courses at the University of Bergen (Norway), London (Kings College) and studied Information, Document and Records Management (IDRM) at the Koenen Baak & ICT Academy in Voorburg. Peter van der Maas was a research assistant and ICT project manager for 25 years at the Dutch Institute for War Documentation (NIOD) in Amsterdam. He has worked as project manager and project consultant in former Yugoslavia. Since 2010 Peter van der Maas is a staff member of the Erasmus Studio of the Erasmus University Rotterdam and the general project manager of the projects CroMe and BiHMe.

Stefania Scagliola is a military historian and holds a PhD in Contemporary History from the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Her dissertation: ‘Burden of War, Coming to term with Dutch War Crimes in Indonesia’ was published in 2002 and shortlisted for the ICODO Award. For an earlier study she received the Jan Romein Award. She has been the coordinator of an Oral History project at the Netherlands Institute for Veterans (2007-2011) which involved collecting and processing 1000 life-history interviews from among a representative sample of Dutch war and military mission veterans Through this ‘digital born’ initiative she was involved in various academic ICT-projects which aim at developing adequate tools and data standards for researchers who work with qualitative data. Her work has been published In ‘The European Review of History’, ‘De Nieuwste Tijd’, and ‘Icodo-info; tijdschrift over gevolgen van oorlog en geweld’. For the EUR faculty of Arts she is developing courseware on the use of audiovisual sources for scholarly research.

Staff – Documenta

Vesna Teršelič is the co-founder and director of Documenta – Center for Dealing with the Past and member of Coordination Council of Coalition for Establishing Regional Commission for Truth-Seeking and Truth Telling about War Crimes in post-Yugoslav countries. She is the former director of Center for Peace Studies, Zagreb and coordinator of Antiwar Campaign Croatia. Furthermore, she has lectured in peace and women’s studies. Her activist work focused on linking initiatives in the field of dealing with the past with activities aimed at peace building. She has wide practical experience as a trainer and facilitator in conflict situations, mostly in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo and Kyrgyzstan. Her publications include handbooks on facilitation of conflict resolution and mediation. She was a Right Livelihood Award Laureate (1998) and Nobel Prize Nominee (1997).

Tanja Petrović started working for Documenta as a volunteer in 2004, and since 2007 she has employed as oral history and archive coordinator. Previously, she worked on the project “Support for the Implementation of the European Commission Information and Communication Programme in Croatia” and for the Institute for international relations. She is a graduate of the University of Zagreb at the Faculty of Political Science and holds an MA degree in journalism. She is interested in oral history, commemorative culture, and examples of solidarity and resistance.