Peter van der Maas

Peter van der Maas studied contemporary and theoretical history and international relations and law at the University of Amsterdam. He followed the training course Foreign Relations (Leergang Buitenlandse Betrekkingen) at Clingendael (The Hague) and also studied Computer Science and Knowledge Management at the University of Amsterdam. He took ICT courses at the University of Bergen (Norway), London (Kings College) and studied Information, Document and Records Management (IDRM) at the Koenen Baak & ICT Academy in Voorburg. Peter van der Maas was a research assistant and ICT project manager for 25 years at the Dutch Institute for War Documentation (NIOD) in Amsterdam. He has worked as project manager and project consultant in former Yugoslavia. Since 2010 Peter van der Maas is a staff member of the Erasmus Studio of the Erasmus University Rotterdam and the general project manager of the projects CroMe and BiHMe.

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