Stef Scagliola

Stefania Scagliola is a military historian and holds a PhD in Contemporary History from the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Her dissertation: ‘Burden of War, Coming to term with Dutch War Crimes in Indonesia’ was published in 2002 and shortlisted for the ICODO Award. For an earlier study she received the Jan Romein Award. She has been the coordinator of an Oral History project at the Netherlands Institute for Veterans (2007-2011) which involved collecting and processing 1000 life-history interviews from among a representative sample of Dutch war and military mission veterans Through this ‘digital born’ initiative she was involved in various academic ICT-projects which aim at developing adequate tools and data standards for researchers who work with qualitative data. Her work has been published In ‘The European Review of History’, ‘De Nieuwste Tijd’, and ‘Icodo-info; tijdschrift over gevolgen van oorlog en geweld’. For the EUR faculty of Arts she is developing courseware on the use of audiovisual sources for scholarly research.

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